Each Community Plumbing Challenge is designed to demonstrate the integral role that industry and government must play in sustainably solving longstanding water, sanitation, and plumbing challenges.

We partner with like-minded individuals and organizations to create collaborative teams of students and apprentices to work alongside experienced professionals on life-changing water and sanitation projects. These professionals represent a broad cross-section of technical skillsets centered around plumbing, engineering and construction trades.

Our programs to date have involved plumbers, plumbing engineers, architects, bricklayers, manufacturers, metal fabricators, tilers, carpenters, CAD artists, graphic designers, and filmmakers – combining expertise and talent from vocational and academic sectors to make our projects successful.

Each Community Plumbing Challenge is designed to create unique personal and professional development opportunities for all involved, from local hosts to international guests: working hands-on, learning and problem-solving together to overcome tough working conditions and living environments with the goal to improve water access, sanitation and hygiene for a community in need.

Interested in getting involved with one of our international programs? We want to hear from you! We are now recruiting for our next Community Plumbing Challenge project in the Navajo Nation: sign up here to start the process. For further enquiries about any of our ongoing international programs, please Contact Us.